Sunday, 6 October 2013

New Layout!

Hello my lovely readers! Noticed anything different about my blog? Well, I've made a new header for it and I think it looks a million times better. Thanks be to the God of Photoshop! I've changed the look in anticipation of my much awaiting return to the blogosphere - I am acutely aware that my little space on the internet has been neglected since I started my first full time job after uni. I am going to make a concerted effort to blog and put up YouTube videos more often as I do so miss creating content. Speaking of YouTube, below is my latest video if you want to take look at an update as to what I've been up to in my absence. It explains everything. Including the new permanent bit of bling I'm now rocking on my hand...

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Winter is...over!

A bold claim for someone in the UK, you may think. However this past winter has been akin to the one they keep banging on about in Game of Thrones. Summer didn't make an appearance in Wales last was mostly raining and dull. I specifically remember the few occasions it was warm and dry enough for me to wear 'summer items' and not feel miserable in them.

Last week I decided I'd had enough with living in jumpers, jeggings and boots. The cold weather can get on its merry way now, as far as I'm concerned. I therefore cleared my tiny wardrobe space (which I share with the other half) of all of the items that I am pretty sick of looking at. Gone are the dark, snuggly jumpers and my beloved velvet jeans which I have brought out every winter season since I bought them three years ago.

Usurping their place are lighter-weight colourful knits, neon-trimmed shirts and a frenzy of floral separates. My wardrobe went from dark and brooding to spring-queen-bright in an hour. Do I regret it? Yes in the respect that the office in which I spend 85% of my time these days is bloody Arctic. However I am so happy to be back in my lighter, brighter clothes. Now all I have to do is wait for the sun to make its merry way into my life once more so the hairs on my arms stop standing on end!

Do you have a seasonal wardrobe too?

Monday, 22 April 2013

Where on earth...

Hello readers!

I won't start this post with an apology as is usual when someone has taken a blog holiday. What I will do, however, is explain where I have been. Last December (2012) I got a job waitressing at a local B&B. I really wasn't very good at it, nor did I really want to be in that career long-term given that I worked so hard in university to achieve a certain dream. The owner decided that whilst I wasn't cut out for waitressing, I had excellent customer service skills - she made the decision to move me over to another company that she owns.

I now, therefore, work for a holiday letting company and in order to maintain some privacy, I will not name them here. I help match people to the cottage they are looking for. As part of my job I also photograph new houses and help with the social media side of the business. I enjoy the social media side specifically - additionally I don't get up for work wishing I could sit at home taking bets with the boyfriend on how much cleavage Holly Willoughby is going to reveal on This Morning the current economic climate I am so thankful for this! As you can imagine, working a full time job (5 out of 7 days including weekend work) means that whilst you are settling in, there is little time for much else and learning so much on a daily basis really takes it out of you. I needed to take a break from blogging so that I could focus on being the best I could be at my new job. Now that I've started to settle in, I'm hoping I will have more time to get into a routine with blogging again.

In other news, I passed my Masters in History with merit!! I was really very proud of myself and my hard work paid off. I fought for those extra two letters after my name more than I've fought for anything else in my entire life. I graduate in July and I can't wait to don that black gown with red and gold edged hood - even that daft mortarboard hat will be worn with immense pride. Two of my closest friends also got married, rather wonderfully to each other! It was a beautiful spring day and the sun shone so brightly. It was glorious. I hope you folks are all well and I hope to 'see' you again soon!

Nicole x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Purple Hues

Hello all! These photo's were taken at the beginning of October, so I apologise for leaving it until now to post them. I've been so busy with life and the changes the past few months have brought. I know it's too cold to wear this outfit now, but I figured too much work went into them not to share them. You could still wear it with more appropriate shoes and a thicker coat and scarf! 

Yes, the boyfriend and I went back to the same woods that featured in my last photo set like this, in order to take these shots. I hope you like them. There's a lot of pretentious posing, but the shot below should hopefully show that it's not taken very seriously by Ben and I. The wind started blowing the branch of the tree and so an arty shot was ruined as the tree attacked my face! 

What do you make of patterned trousers? Do you own a pair? They are a big trend for AW12 and I feel even us curvy girls can wear them. Let me know what you think!

Nicole x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

Dark Opulence

Jacket | Shoes | Maxi Dress | Cut Out Dress | Clutch | Turban | Collar

Today's edition of Wednesday Wishlist features some opulent and intricately-patterned items. I adore baroque prints, studs and anything with a gothic edge. Hence the above items. I would happily own any of them! New Look and River Island appear to be tapping into the dark, gothic and baroque trends in a big way, so if you like such items, I would certainly head to those two places. 

What do you think of the above items? Do you like the dark, opulent trend for AW12?