Sunday, 27 February 2011

Supervillain Series: Harley Quinn

I am going to be doing a Supervillain/Superhero Series for my you tube channel, if anyone's interested. I will be uploading tutorials for looks I've done that were inspired by those naughty comic book folk or the goodies who stop them! Its just a bit of fun and allows me to be creative with make up to a more extreme level than usual.

This look pictured is the first in the Supervillain series; its a masquerade mask inspired by Harley Quinn (of Batman fame, in case you aren't a nerd, like me!). I HAD to tackle her first as I just love her costume. I'm slightly obsessed with Harlequinn's, Italy, Masquerade masks and the like, hence this look!

Here's the picture I used for inspiration! This would make a great Halloween look if you were going to a fancy dress party. If you want to know how to do this look, take a look at my tutorial here

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