Tuesday, 9 August 2011

70s Boho

Hello my lovelies!

Yes, today is another outfit of the day post. I'm sorry that I've not done a great deal in the terms of new blog topics of late, I've just had a backlog of posts that I've needed to do so I am getting those done and then I will do more reviews and hauls. I would LOVE some feedback as to what other posts you lovely folks would love to see from me, so please leave me a comment below as it can only serve to improve how I write this blog. Obviously, constructive criticism please, not just ripping me to shreds for no reason!

So, onto the outfit. As usual this is all affordable stuff as I'm fresh out of uni and therefore I've been pretty poor for three years and most of my money has gone on history books and now I'm so poor that even buying books is out of the sodding question. Being unemployed is NO fun at all. I digress, however. In this photo I am wearing my beloved H&M flares which cost around £25 if I remember rightly. I am wearing a sheer Kimono-esque cover up that I got from F&F at Tesco for roughly £12. The bag and tan platforms (not really seen in picture) are also from F&F at Tesco; bag was £12 and shoes £10 in the sale. The gold bangle is from Accessorize and the rings are vintage. Black top was around £5 from Dorothy Perkins. As per usual, nothing is massively expensive as I started out saying. Below is also a picture of the make up I was wearing. Dramatic as I had just filmed a 'Green Lantern' tutorial (Link:) and needed to go out unexpectedly and didn't have time to take the make up off and redo it. Plus my boyfriend and his mum persuaded me to be daring and wear it out. I won't lie, I felt a bit like a tool!

I hope to have a Nails of the day post up within the next couple of days and I'm going to try my hand at an Autumn/Winter 2001 trends post too if I can, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and please comment so I can get some feedback as I've had no comments on my last 6 or so posts. Thanks in advance to anyone who does take the time to help me out. I appreciate each and every follower, especially those who I know read my posts =)

Nicole x

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