Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Festive Face of the Day

Today I was feeling somewhat festive after seeing Arthur Christmas at the weekend (amazing film; it's so funny and I highly recommend it. The humour in it is so wonderfully British). Anyway, glittery/shimmery eyes were not really an option as I was doing history research for most of the day, then I had a meeting with one of my lecturers to discuss my first postgraduate essay. On a side note it still feels utterly unreal that I'm a postgraduate student; it's like a dream come true! I love historical writing and I really hope to continue it alongside beauty writing and a 'real' job :)

So, as a result of not being able to rock dramatic festive eyes today, I decided to go for a disco-ball shiny, deep red lip. I rarely wear glossy-finish lips as followers of this blog will know; I find them too high maintenance and impractical for everyday wear. However I really enjoyed wearing this lip today for a change. People kept staring at my mouth, but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing! I paired it with bold brows because a) I like bold brows and b) I felt I needed something to balance my face out as my lips are not my best feature, so putting all of the attention on them (and not my eyes), is not something I'm massively comfortable with. I am also self-conscious of my teeth as they are less than perfect!

What's your go-to festive look?


  1. I dont think I have a go to festive look, ive only been interested in makeup since january so we shall see what I do this year!

  2. I think that's fair comment Sarah! I'm excited to see any looks you come up with :)