Friday, 10 February 2012

Emma Stone Golden Globes Look

I attempted to film a tutorial on the make up that Emma Stone wore to this years Golden Globes, however the video had a lot of technical faults - like the sound being muffled for some reason and bad lighting - and on reflection I feel that I didn't get the eye make up right as hers was a slightly darker, more feline shape (it looked the same on camera but the lighting of the photo's is different and so I wasn't pleased once I saw the footage and photo's side by side!). As a result I decided it wasn't good enough to upload to my channel. I did however decide to show you a picture here so that it wasn't a complete waste of time.

This look was done using the Sleek Bad Girl palette mostly. Very simple to do and gives a lovely sultry smokey eye. Enjoy! Emma's make up can be seen below...yes, as I said, I'm aware they are nothing alike but in the lighting I was working with they did look the same, until I used the flash for the photo's! Hence why good lighting is important.


  1. I attempted to recreate this look too for a tutorial on my blog but yea you are right the shape of the black eyeshadow comes out in a cat eye sorta way. You're look turned out pretty!

    1. Thank you! I didn't have a picture of how she looked right next to me when I was doing it, which is why they look different. Still, a lesson learned! Thanks for the comment :)