Thursday, 23 February 2012

I did a Bride's Make up!

Last Friday (the 17th of February) my boyfriend's step-sister got married and I was tasked with doing her wedding make up. I was incredibly nervous about doing it as I've only ever once done another person's make up from scratch (I have done eye make up for others several times). I only got to practice the day before the wedding at 11pm as the bride lives around 2 hours from me and I'm too poor to travel at the moment (as it was my first attempt at wedding make up and she's a member for the boyfriend's family, I was doing it for free). I just thought I would share with you how I went about it and the results of my work (bearing in mind I am self-taught and not a professional!).

I did the make up to the brides brief; it was her day and I complied to her wishes, as best I could. I started with a primer to keep the make up in place for as long as possible and kept the foundation light by mixing it with moisturiser as the bride wanted her skin to look like her own, just more evened-out. I applied it using my beauty blender at first, then switched to a buffing brush to really work it into the skin. A pearly-pink highlighter (Benefit's High Beam) was added to the high points of the face - cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid's bow. I filled in the brows very lightly with powder to keep a soft and more natural look. A cream blush (MAC's Lady Blush) was applied primarily to the apples of the cheeks and blended back slightly to create a nice shape on the cheekbones. I applied a pressed powder with a fluffy brush and a light hand to matte any shiny areas, but keeping a nice healthy glow at the same time. I applied a primer to the eye, then a warm, subtle brown to the crease (not seen in the photos as she has her eyes open), before adding fairly natural-looking fake lashes as the bride requested some. The bride originally wanted black eyeliner on the top lid to hide the lash-band, but when I showed her the softer method of blending a charcoal grey shadow along the lash line she preferred it, and that's what you can see in the photo's below. That's it! She looked gorgeous, and not because of my make up application - nothing can fake the glow a bride has on her wedding day. I hope you enjoyed this run-down! The picture at the end is how I looked on the day for anyone that is interested. I had a 40s style shift dress on with nude tights that had the black seam up the back so as to be in keeping. I had my cloche hat on originally that's the same colour as my dress, but I took it off after the ceremony. There are no other photographs of me as no one took any (I'm not really a family member, I suppose) and I was busy taking them of everyone else!

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