Friday, 27 April 2012

Life is for living

Hello, precious! I had a Lord of the Rings marathon yesterday as I was sick, so excuse the nerdyness! Anyway, I haven't been wearing fancy clothes of late as I've been stuck indoors researching and writing, or I have been sick these past two days. So as I haven't been buying any new beauty products recently (I'm poor as I'm doing an MA, as I'm sure regular readers will know!), I haven't a great deal of interest to blog about. Unless, of course, you find nineteenth century British social mobility an interesting topic of discussion? I highly doubt it, as you're likely here for pretty photography, escapism from 'the real world' and to read about fashion and make up, right? Well, today I have nothing to give, but I wanted to write, so this comes under the 'musings' element of my blog title. It's there, and always has been, so it's not cheating ;)

To the point, Nicole! Yes, last weekend a friend of Ben and I (Ben is my boyfriend, for new readers!) had a party for his birthday and we kicked it off with a BBQ at the lovely lake near their house. Despite being spring in North Wales, it actually stayed dry! I thought I would share some one of the many silly photo's that was taken of me that day, so that you can see I do actually have a sense of humour! It might not always come across on here, but people who know me in real life, know me as the clown; always making fun of myself and love to make others laugh. So, here goes! I will have some outfit/make up photo's up over the weekend, I PROMISE! Much love to new followers and those who've supported me for the beginning :)

Nicole x

PS. - Sorry James mate, I couldn't fully crop you out in the background without ruining the photo entirely! Don't hate me. Although this is payback for making me jump out of my skin in Subway!

PPS - My make up looks a MESS in this photo. Please excuse it, I was having a break out and so I had far heavier coverage than I would usually wear. It looks gross. I also appear to have rubbed the make up off above my brow, making it look weird. As I said, this certainly isn't a beauty post, it's merely to make people smile and show that I do have another, more light-hearted, side :)


  1. There is nothing better than a LOTR marathon! Hope you feel better soon x

    1. Couldn't agree more! I honestly never get bored of watching those films. Such a geek. Thanks, I do feel a lot better today and hopefully by tomorrow I will have my head buried in books once more x

  2. Replies
    1. It looks like a necklace here, but it's actually a ring from Topshop :) I get a lot of comments on it...'why have you got a moustache on your hand?!'. I love it anyway ;) Thanks for commenting!