Monday, 7 May 2012

5 Beauty Tips Vol.1

I have some tips and tricks with regards to make up, skin care, haircare, etc. that I've picked up either through practice of sorting myself out, or from magazines and interviews with make up artists, dermatologists, etc. So I thought whilst I'm struggling to get any decent content on this blog right now owing to technical problems, not being able to take decent photos as I don't know anyone artistic, or time constraints and MA deadlines, I would take the time to impart these with you. I hope you enjoy these posts over the next couple of weeks (maybe even months as I only plan on posting one of these posts a week and I have a fair amount I think might be useful!)

1. Hairstyles - We all want our carefully quaffed styles to last the day (or night!) but don't be tempted to spray enough hairspray on it to widen the hole in the O-Zone layer. Too much product can actually make hair look limp and affect the style over time- instead use a strong hairspray, such as VO5's Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray, and keep it to three spritzes as this should do the trick.

2. Split-End Quick Fix - If you're a poor student like me and want to try to hold off cutting those split-ends for as long as possible, massage three tablespoons of warm olive oil onto dry hair and wrap in a warm towel for 30 minutes, then shampoo as usual. This should seal the ends temporarily.

3. Instant Lip-Plumper -If you have small lips, you might want to steer clear of darker lipstick shades as this can make your lips look narrower. Instead use lighter shades and use a gloss which should help to make them look plumper.

4. Foundation Match - Most beauty bloggers will have heard this one, but I'm including it just in case! Instead of testing the shade of a foundation on the back of your hand, try it on your neck or chin as hands can be a different shade to our faces, especially if, like me, you use creams with SPF or Sun Screen daily on your face, but not always on your hands (you should, by the way!). If the colour blends in well with the skin on your chin or neck and it's hard to tell where you applied it after a few minutes, then it should be right for you.

5. Moisture Surge - If you are suffering from dry patches, or just general dry skin, then consider using a body oil instead of a normal body lotion as it should be more moisturising, especially if applied when still wet/damp from the shower. I swear by body oils and this method in the winter months!

Hope this was helpful!

Nicole x


  1. Ooo I love the Olive Oil trick. My friend and I used to heat up the oil and give each other treatments on pamper nights :-) I loved your tips, it's one of my fave things to read coz someone's always got something different! :-)

    1. Yes, my hair always feels so soft and pampered after using warm oil on it. Glad you liked the tips Emma, even if no one else who read them did ;)