Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My week with Instagram

My boyfriend Ben recently upgraded his phone, meaning I was lucky enough to get his previous Android one. It's a HTC Desire HD for anyone that might be wondering! I am on Pay As You Go as I can't afford a contract right now; therefore I only use the online stuff when I'm at home and can use the free wi-fi. I take photos when I'm out, and then instagram them when I'm home. I'm slightly addicted to it! From now on these posts will feature on a Sunday so that you get an idea as to what I've been up to in any given week (making this blog more personal!) and in exchange I will do my 'Ebay Day' posts on a Saturday instead. Let me know what you think! For this week there are only four photo's as I am still getting to grips with the whole Android thing. I'm not a Luddite, I just can't afford the latest technology 99% of the time.

1. Flowers I arranged for Ben's mother 2. Sexual food in 1815 in Bangor
3. Silver Service necklace I managed to win! 4. Reminding myself not to panic
on the eve of my MA essay deadlines (I managed it after many 4am finishes).

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