Friday, 7 September 2012

Look Beauty BB Review

Look, a popular weekly fashion and beauty magazine here in the UK, launched a make up range earlier this year. Whenever I am in Swansea I always take a look at their stand and about four months ago they had discounts on some of their products. I have always liked the idea of BB creams and like the lighter coverage of a tinted moisturiser. So I was excited when I saw the Flawless Fix Beauty Balm on a half price offer meaning it was £5 instead of £10. I bought the palest shade they make and it's pretty much the perfect shade for me.

I cannot express my love for this foundation/BB Cream/Tinted Moisturiser hybrid enough. It glides on effortlessly, looks really natural, comes in an array of shades and doesn't clog pores. It's not greasy like the Garnier BB Cream and mimicks skin really well, all the while helping to even out the skin tone. It provides a similar look and coverage to Bourjois Healthy Mix in my personal opinion. I cannot say it's made my skin better, but then it doesn't really claim to. You can build the coverage and you get a fair amount of product for your money. The packaging is hygienic and the glass packaging feels expensive, even though you aren't paying a great deal for it. I really do love this product!

I'm wearing the Beauty Balm in the above photo and this is only one pump, which isn't a great deal of product as the pump works well to only dispense a little at a time. As you can hopefully see, it is enough to cover the face with a thin layer of product which let's freckles show through, but also helps to even out the skin, covering redness. Highly recommend it! It's now my go-to daily foundation and will remain so until the winter really kicks in, no doubt.