Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chepstow: The Town

Over the summer months when I was back home in Swansea conducting my MA dissertation research, I visited a fair few new places on the rare days I allowed myself some time off. Chepstow is one of the places I visited with my Boyfriend Ben, my mum and my grandmother. As I'm currently doing a vlog series of these summer visits on my YouTube channel, I figured I would share some of the photographs I took from my travels on here too. We visited the town centre as well as the castle, but today's post focuses on the town itself. Next up will be some pretty shots I got of the castle (although I'm no professional). I hope you like them! 

Isn't Chepstow pretty? Do you like visiting new places and taking loads of photos? I would love to see similar posts if you guys have any to link me to :) 

The Black Prince vlog
Chepstow Castle vlog
Tintern Abbey vlog
Raglan Castle Vlog

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