Friday, 26 February 2010

Popping my blog cherry!


This is my first blog post and I just thought I should get this started and introduce myself. My name is Nicole and I am 25 years old; I am originally from South Wales but I currently live in North Wales with my boyfriend and his parents (yes, odd set-up, I know). I moved here to be closer to the boyfriend, but also because I wanted to study history at Bangor university (which is what I'm doing!). My blog will probably centre around the following: make up, clothes, books, and photography mixed with the odd musing that is floating through my mind. Essentially, I'm a geek that likes fashion. Bit of a weird combination if you think of the geek stereotype, but I love smashing misconceptions.

My aim here is to document what is important to me. This is the place I want to discuss anything I feel that worked, and anything that didn't. Sometimes it would just be nice to know that we aren't the only ones who are curvy and like fashion, or who sometimes get it very wrong!

My current mantra: I like to know what's in fashion so I can buy key pieces but wear them in a way that makes it work for me. I do my best to uphold this ideal, but obviously at times I can be predictable with my outfit construction. Also, just because it's in fashion, doesn't mean it will look good on you.

Nicole x

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