Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kate Middleton inspired make up & LOTD

Hello all!

I went to a street party yesterday in celebration of the Royal Wedding! In case you managed to escape it, Prince William, second in line to the British throne, married the love of his life, Catherine Middleton who, whilst from a wealthy family, is technically a 'commoner' which is unusual in terms of royal marriages here. She looked absolutely beautiful and I was so blown away that I attempted to emulate her elegant wedding make up to go to the party. To the right is a picture of the make up I did. Not the best photo of the eyes, but I can't post too many photos on the blog! I didn't film a tutorial as I was downstairs with my boyfriend's family watching the wedding as I applied my make up =)

To the left is the picture of what I wore! I had bright red patent pumps on from Primark but my boyfriend didn't get these in when he took the picture! I also used my blue Ray Ban type sunglasses and my studded Union Jack bag from River Island. The necklace in vintage, the top is a simple one from Dorothy perkins and the skirt is from ASOS. The ring on my left hand (large gold ring with red jewel in the middle) is a replica of the ring Natalie Dorma wore as Anne Boleyn in the TV series 'The Tudors' and was a gift from my bloke Ben. Got a load of compliments on this outfit, even if it was a bit unusual in terms of colour combinations!


  1. Great blog, I hope you had a nice day I watched the wedding and kiss online!

  2. Thanks! I watched it on TV here on Anglesey which was pretty special as they live here and so do I at the moment! =) I hope you enjoyed the weekend too!