Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Battle of the Corals!

Hello my loves!

I was going through my nail polishes recently only to find that I had several colours that were very similar. For that reason I decided to wear them all at once in order to test them out. I applied two coats of each polish and a base/top coat on all nails. I rated them based on how opaque the colours were, how nice the colour was when dry, as well as their staying power. The clear winner was my Eyeko Coral polish. The colour is gorgeous and two coats gave a perfectly even colour, unlike the Nails Inc. coral polish which appeared slightly patchy. For each category mentioned, the Eyeko polish came out on top. Nails Inc. was a close second and poor indeed were the e.l.f. and Barbara Daly for Tesco polishes. They both chipped badly after two days, which I don't expect from my polishes as I don't have time to reapply it that often. The picture below is of the nail polishes after three days wear.

So, on my thumbs is Nails Inc. "Coral", on the index fingers is Barbara Daly for Tesco "Sunset", on the middle fingers is e.l.f. "Fire Coral" and on the ring/pinky fingers is Eyeko's "Coral Polish".


  1. cute shade. matches your lip color on your primary pic :D

  2. Thanks! I hadn't noticed that, but you're right. Great observation! =)

  3. no polish has ever lasted me more than a day and a half...at most lol! BLOODY FECKIN DISHES (and other annoying house tasks!)

  4. I know Sarah, nail polish is never a long-lasting thing for me because I'm always doing stuff with my hands...that sounds rude, but it isn't meant to! Housework is what I meant haha.