Thursday, 4 August 2011

Today I am lusting after...

Hello my lovelies!

I've not been anywhere today, bar the post office to post an application form, so have not put any make up on or put together a decent outfit to share with you. However I wanted to share something that I noticed on ASOS's facebook page - this gorgeous bright yellow mac! I love it! I think it would be so sweet this time of year when it's showery out (I live in the UK and rain is a constant part of life here, even in summer! Although in fairness this summer has been excellent weather-wise to compare with last year). It would be equally pretty in the autumn when it's still warm enough so that you could put a jumper under it and be warm, as well as dry. I love the 60s shape that it has too. I am lusting after this mac badly! Sadly, it is £50 and out of my reach at the moment, however if I get the Environmental Conservation Supervisor job that I applied for today, which requires working outdoor in all weather conditions, then I'll be treating myself to it! I already have some skull and rose wellies for the occasion. Wish me luck =)

Best of luck to anyone else who has just graduated and is job hunting or anyone that is job hunting in general! I sympathise as a recession is not a good time for job hunting when you want a specific career, or to save for a house/History MA and Phd. I want to achieve my dream of being a career historian and lecturing in uni! Oh well, we must stick together and keep our chins up.

Nicole x

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