Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Okay, so it would likely seem to you all that I'm obsessed with nail polish...the truth it I am. I must go to Nail Polish Anonymous. I literally feel yuck if I don't have polish on my nails. I at least like a thin layer of clear polish. I think this is because the first thing I ever did to make myself seem grown up and "pretty" was to apply my mum's polish to my nails!

Anyway, I wanted to give my Monster plate (I think that's what you call it!) a try as I received it from Alison a while ago now. The finger nails are as a result of me playing with that plate. It was my first attempt so it isn't great, but I think it looks fairly decent! I love the combination of monotone and stars as it's a look that's been all over the high street this season, from bags to pussybow blouses. I recently bought a dress in this design, which I shall be sporting if the sun makes a vague appearance for my lecture tomorrow! So, without further ado, some pictures of my work!

White base coat is Rimmel Cloudy Skies and the Black stars are done with Konad's black special polish that I also received from Alison.

I haven't ever shown you guys my feet (I have ugly feet!) as normally they just mirror, or are a simplified version of, what I have on my finger nails. However I received some monotone Rebel Nails with a Glossybox a few months ago and until now I hadn't thought about how I could ever wear them, but I thought as they were monotone I could get away with them...not that anyone can see my toes right now as it's too cold to wear open-toed shoes here now (I cannot wear my feet out once it gets cold...I have such cold feet already!). Anyway, I am sharing them with you lovely lot :) Enjoy!

Nicole x


  1. Those nails are cutttte! I got the same design as you for toes in the glooybox also only mine was crazy bright pink and black, not really something I'd put on my toes =/.

  2. Thanks! I didn't think I would wear this monotone design to be honest, but I figured I would give them a go and as they are black and white they've grown on me...although I think I would have preferred a different design altogether really.

  3. My brothers girlfriend keeps telling me to get my hands on some Konad. I think I will next payday. Also I want to see a blog about this ensemble you bought in Warehouse!

  4. Sarah, I know, I'm so behind with blog posts and youtube videos. Got a horrid cold and so much uni work :( Doing my best to keep on top of it all. I loved the konad outcome!