Thursday, 20 October 2011

Review: Collection 2000 Eye Definition Eyeliner

Many women covet high-end eyeliners and swear that their elevated price tags are worth it for the smoothness of application or it's staying-power. However I have never been able to make this claim with any real sense of conviction. The reason for this is because I have hooded eyes and a tendency towards greasy eyelids on which even eyeshadows with the claim of being "crease-free" slide, crease, and look downright hideous after a couple of hours. Every single eyeliner I have ever tested thus far has tranferred into my crease within an hour (sometimes in minutes) of me applying them, be it The Body Shop or any other drugstore brand. The result being, I am scared of buying a high-end eyeliner for a fairly extortionate fee, only to find that it smudges and looks terrible after minutes of wear.

If you share my problem (as I have never encountered anyone else with this problem and it makes me feel like a freak, so please comment if you do!) then there is hope...although possibly only if you live in the UK (sorry about that). The Collection 2000 eyeliner is an absolute gem of a product; it's affordable as it's from the "drugstore", it's super black, has a thin applicator allowing for precise application and it LASTS! No flaking, no smudging, just perfect eyeliner for hours. I have been using this for abour three years now and I swear by it. Okay, so it's not fancy, the packaging is basic and it's not super-glossy, but it does the job I need it to do...which is not look rubbish after 10 minutes on my lids. Verdict? BUY IT! Especially if you suffer as I do.

This is a photo of me literally right after I had applied the eyeliner.

This is after I'd been wearing it for around 8 hours. Ignoring how shattered I look, the eyeliner is intact!

The applicator

Price: £2.99
Amount: 6ml
Colours: Just black I believe in this eyeliner type but they do colours and glitter ones too.
Consistency: Not thick and gloopy but not runny either. Comes out fairly opaque on first swipe.
Applicator: Incredibly thin, some might think too thin but I like it.
Buy From: Boots (I think in store, but not on the website). Superdrug:


  1. Oooo this looks really good! I've never been a liquid liner/mascara snob, in my opinion with those kind of products the higher price tag is rarely worth it, this one looks lovely I may have to go and try it =].

  2. I couldn't agree more. One of my favourite mascara's is £2.99, again from Collection 2000. I tried Diorshow mascara and it was utterly appalling, sadly!