Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The cuppa and the essay

So, as you can gather from the title, today is another blog post which isn't dedicated to fashion or beauty. I shan't apologise for it because it can't be helped. Until this essay is written I can't do fashion or beauty research and don't have time for lots of photograph taking. Therefore, this is my attempt at a vaguely arty shot to show you how I'm living my life, much like yesterday's post.

Coffee (sometimes tea) in hand, essay on the screen, close to weeping. That's how I've spent my Christmas 'break'. Break from uni my foot! Break from lectures, yes, but not work. I've worked longer hours than I have in any paid job. Seriously, only strive to be an academic if you can handle unsociable hours, being perpetually poor with little reward other than the respect of your peers and lecturers if you work hard and working in your room so it is no longer a place to relax but an oppressive four walls of stress. Oh, you have to court insanity mixed with anti-socialism too. I can't remember the last time I had a long conversation with anybody without saying something idiotic. Hard work, I tell thee...but hopefully it will be rewarding. I think it will end me if I don't get the grades I did in my final essays in my first degree as I've worked just as hard, if not harder. Time will tell - around 4 weeks until I can get my grades, to be precise. Anyway, until normal scheduling can resume, I bid you good day :)

Nicole x

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