Monday, 30 January 2012

Plaits and messy buns

I thought you lovely lot might want to see what I did with my face and hair to spend a Sunday evening visiting friends of ours. Nothing spectacular really, but the hairstyle is certainly different for me as I'm not great at doing my hair in anything other than a simple messy bun, a simple pony tail or loose and wild! I was inspired by a hairstyle I saw on Morven who is currently competing in ASOS's Future Stylist competition. She was in turn inspired by another fashion blogger whose name escapes me right now, but she does mention it on her blog. It's a hairstyle that looks effective but isn't that hard to do, with a little practice. This was my first attempt and I'm sure I will get better at it the more I attempt it. I hope you like it!

Face-wise I don't have much on; Boujois Healthy Mix foundation with serum in 51, Collection 2000 concealer, Clinique Mascara, Avon gel Supershock eyeliner smudged on the lower lashline, MAC Creme Blush in Lady Blush and Benefit Browzings in Light for the brows. That's all there is to it. I didn't really want to plaster my face in make up when we were going to our mates house for dinner and to watch a DVD (Captain America in this case!).

Hope you're all well. Do you have a failsafe look for a casual evening relaxing with friends or do you always go all out?

Nicole x


  1. this is lovely nic! it's really fresh and cute, definitely a good look for casual friend meetings. xxx

    1. Thanks Jade, I'm glad you like it! I didn't want to look like I'd made no effort at all, as that just isn't me, but I still wanted to feel relaxed and casual, so I figured this was right for that brief xx