Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hearts are for breaking

 Hello lovely reader!

It would appear as though everyone on YouTube has done a Valentine's makeup look and I sort of hate myself for jumping on the bandwagon. However, in my defence, I didn't do any for Christmas or New Year's. I am by no means a professional and I'm sure some of you think I have a cheek to do tutorials at all, which is why I haven't done one in a little while. I like seeing professionals and hobbyists looks and how they created them, so that is the only reason I make tutorials for others. Some might also think I have no right having a make up and fashion related blog as I'm not exactly super-model shaped, but as I've said before, I feel variety is important and by looking at my blog you can see that big-busted and jelly-bellied women can still be into fashion and try to look their best. Either way, I really hope you get something out of my YouTube channel and my blog, even if it's only a laugh because I have one ear that sticks out more than the other.

Without further ado, the point of this post! I shall be uploading a Valentine's tutorial to my YouTube channel tomorrow and here is a sneak-peak at the look I came up with: Black winged eyeliner, red crystal hearts and red lips. Simple but does the trick and doesn't involve red eyeshadows on the eyelids - I know some people faint at the mere thought of putting that shade anywhere near their eyes! It certainly isn't the most flattering of eyeshadow shades as pictures of my formerly emo/goth self prove (no, I don't think I'll post them here!). For those of you without a Valentine this year, I hope you will accept my sincere Valentine wishes! I love you just for reading this post and if you want to make my Valentine's day (as I fear the bf may forget!), then please leave me a lovely comment below. What is your most memorable Valentine's day? Mine is probably last year when the bf bought me a Tiffany necklace!

Happy Valentine's Day for the 14th! :)


  1. Love the crystals, definitely adds to the lovely look!

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