Thursday, 8 March 2012

I have a moustache (or four)

I am aware that many of you will think me a hipster due to my obsession with curly moustaches. However, I will ardently claim, to my death, that it's because I'm a historian with a penchant for the nineteenth century when the moustache was King...or something like that. Besides, I don't care for labels like 'emo' and 'hipster'  - just like what you like and dislike what you dislike and be yourself. I wasn't a goth as a youth because I thought it was 'unique' and I was the epitome of an anarchist who refused to gel with the rest of society; I merely liked the fashion, what it stood for (i.e. not being afraid to dress in a rather arty/outrageous manner in a very close-minded South Wales town), and had a major affinity with everything Tim Burtonesque (I still love his work). I digress; for your viewing pleasure, my collection of moustache memorabilia (at least in jewellery form as I do have a top with a moustache on it too, featured previously on my blog).

This is a Topshop gem. It makes me smile :)

I like to wear this ring and make babies in shops laugh by
putting it above my lip and pulling a silly face. 

One gold, one black moustache earring. They are from pairs. I only have 
one ear pierced as I had my right one ripped out by a kid in school. Yes, it hurt. 
No, I can't have it re-pierced in the same place as the scar is HUGE. 
Hence only ever wearing studs, as otherwise I look like a pirate.

My good friends Chris and Alaw bought this for my birthday last
year. I squealed when I opened it. Seriously, moustaches just make
me smile. I find them amusing. Tom Selleck's is a fine specimen. 
I couldn't kiss a man with a moustache though. How 'hipster' of me.


  1. I absolutely adore the ring! xo

    1. Yay! So do I! I saw it in Topshop and resisted it for about a month and then bought it with birthday money in December. It makes me smile :)

  2. I've wanted the Tatty Devine moustache necklace for a while now, I think you've pushed me over the edge to finally buy it! xx

    1. I hadn't seen the necklace until you mentioned it. I love it! Sorry if my post has forced you to spend money! x