Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Facial Sheet Mask Review

I have been considering purchasing one of these sheet masks from Home Bargains for a fair while. I can't remember the exact price, but it was definitely less than £1! This oh-so-pricey face mask contains, according to the packet, marine extracts and all sorts of goodies to improve your skins elasticity. The mask itself surprised me a little as it's sodden with moisture when you open the packet. This surprise was added to when I unfurled the mask - it made me shudder as it resembled something leatherface would have worn whilst brandishing a chainsaw. Okay, so it's clear whilst on your face, but there's something quite perturbing about a transparent round mask staring back at you with vacant eye/nose/mouth holes. I must prepare you for the photo you are about to see below. Please lock up your children.

Yes, yes, I look like a freak. The photo is all in the name of a thorough review, though. Kermit looks happy I'm sure, but he's actually in distress because I looked so weird (towel on my head is because I had a shower and applied the mask after and didn't want to dry my hair until the mask was off). The mask was easy to apply and cold - this made it feel somewhat soothing on my skin. You're meant to leave it on for 20 minutes, which I did. My skin felt gorgeous afterwards - really refreshed and clean once I'd patted the excess product into my skin, as directed. 

The above photo is my skin with the mask removed and the excess product patted in. My skin definitely felt firmer, healthier and generally nourished after using the mask. I used it last night and I woke up with no adverse reactions to it. I will update you if there are any changes. My skin doesn't feel as firm now that 24 hours have passed since using it, so I would argue the results are only temporary, but worth it the morning of a big occasion possibly. Will definitely be buying more of these when I can.


  1. Kermy is so cute hehe :-) I can't believe it was less than £1! The results are amazing. I'm seeing quite a few of these types of masks on the blogosphere, I can't seem to find them in Australia :(

    1. Kermy is lovely, isn't he!? Bless. Shame you can't these masks where you are. If I had any money I would suggest doing a beauty/fashion accessories swap with you as I'd love some stuff from OZ!