Monday, 5 March 2012

The Mad Hatter Vol.2

Following on from last Monday's 'Mad Hatter' post, here is this weeks rendition. In case you missed that post (it can be seen by clicking here), I really love hats. I own a fair few and my boyfriend makes me try them on in shops so he can take photos. It's a weird bonding thing that we do whilst shopping. Below are just some of these amusing photos - please excuse the quality of the images as they were all taken on the boyfriends phone. More next week!

Oh yes darling! *air kiss*

Sometimes I miss my red hair. I adored 
this hat but I had no money to buy it.

This is one subtle hat. You can barely tell I'm
wearing one. Sparkly electric blue top hat, anyone?


  1. You look so funny on the first picture :)
    great idea for a post :)

    1. I agree that the first picture is quite funny. My direction from the boyfriend was 'be ladylike' and that is the result. Glad you like the post! x