Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pale and Bronzed

I felt like playing with oxymoron's today, hence the post title. I am pale and fine with it; however sometimes I like to do my own version of bronzed without looking least I hope I don't look orange to other folks! Unlike most people these days it would seem, I don't actually think tanned skin looks "healthy". This is because if your skin has been coloured by the sun and UV exposure, that in turn means your skin has actually been damaged. In my mind, that's the opposite of healthy. Over-exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer and premature ageing. If you are considerate enough of your looks to tan because it "looks healthier", then be considerate of the long term affects this will have on your skin. If you feel you must tan, please fake it. (Note: I am not saying that if you naturally have a darker skin tone that I dislike it; I think all natural skin tones are beautiful. However orange is not a natural skin tone! I feel that the obsession with some women to tan themselves in an unhealthy way is best discouraged and I'm not a fan of the orange-skinned look personally).

I have bronze and gold tones on my eyes and a mix of
a baked shimmer bronzer and a peach blush on my cheeks.

Eye make up done using the Urban Decay Naked palette


Face: Garnier BB Cream; e.l.f. Mineral Booster; Body Shop Baked Bronzer in 01; Benefit's Georgia blush.
Eyes: Toasted all over the lids; Smog in the crease; Half Baked in inner corner (all from the Urban Decay Naked palette).
Brows: Benefit Browzings in Light.
Lips: Just clear lip balm


  1. You're positively glowing! Love the look of bronzed eyes for day...very glam!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


    1. Thanks so much! I like to just add a little glow now and then to my skin. Glad you liked the look.

  2. Completely agree about the tanning, I'm always amazed how many otherwise health-conscious people are happy to turn red/brown in the sun!
    Anyway, I really like the look of Half Baked in the inner corner! Having just posted a rant about Woodwinked, I'm tempted to whack some on to see if I can get it to look as nice as this does! x

    1. Hi Josephine! It amazes me too. I am not against a bit of fake tan if it makes you feel more comfortable in your skin; however tanning for real baffles me.

      I found your Woodwinked post really interesting as I've always hated bronze shades on my pale skin. However, when I got the Naked palette I started experimenting with all the shades and I've grown to like them. I rarely wear bronze eyeshadows, but when teamed with a peach blush it seems to work a little better. I probably shouldn't wear bronze at all, but I just like to experiment.