Thursday, 1 March 2012

Review: Clinique High Impact Mascara

A little while ago I purchased two products from Clinique and got a little cosmetics bag with some free products inside as a result (they were running one of their promotions). I had used a Clinique mascara before as I received one as a Christmas gift; I really liked it, however, I can only afford drug store prices these days and tend to buy new mascaras in the likes of Superdrug or Boots when they are newly released, as they often run introductory offers so I get them even cheaper.

I love a good mascara because I feel enhancing my eyelashes does a lot for my eyes. It draws attention to them and just makes them look "finished". I am not a mascara snob - as long as it doesn't clump and makes my lashes more visible, then I tend to get on okay with any brand. I don't have an abundance of lashes, but they do have decent length (although my lashes grow in a weird way/shape, which I find highly irritating and not even curling them seems to help this).

With Mascara
Without Mascara

The photo's above show how my lashes look completely bare and with the High Impact mascara. I did this so that you can see the difference for yourselves. I didn't curl my lashes first as I put one quick coat on just to run out of the door for uni.

Consistency: Good. I don't find it clumpy, even when two fairly thick coats are applied.
Price: £16.00
General points: It does have a sizeable brush, so if you prefer smaller, more precise wands, this isn't likely to be the mascara for you. The large wand does make applying mascara to bottom lashes tricky sometimes, so bear this in mind. I have tried cheaper mascaras that have performed on par with this product, in my opinion. I do like it nonetheless. Would I pay the £16.00 for a full-sized version? Unlikely at this point.
Marks? I'd give it a 7 out of 10, I think.

Cosmopolitan magazine are giving away four different Clinique products with their April 2012 issue and the High Impact Mascara featured in this post is one of those products. For £3.50, if you usually buy the magazine anyway, it might be worth getting the sample size to try for yourself. Hope this helps :)

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