Monday, 20 August 2012

Ebay Day: Interview Smart

I am trying to resurrect the ‘Ebay Day’ posts now I’m blogging again. This post should be useful for anyone attending an interview - including the many graduates who are fighting it out for those first career roles. I have tried to keep items classic so you can mix and match to get your wear from them and they won’t break the bank. Remember, there are no set rules but this post is geared towards those who are going for in for a job where smart dress is a given. If you are going for a job in a creative industry, such as fashion, you have more scope as to what you could wear as showcasing your love for fashion, or how creative you are, will be important. Disclaimer: these are just my personal ideas and I am not a fashion expert! I’m just trying to offer some assistance as I know buying a new work/interview wardrobe can be expensive.

1. I am of the opinion that a chic, simple, neutral-coloured handbag is best. I feel the more you fuss over accessories, the more likely you are to appear as though your job will come second to your appearance. This handbag could be used daily, possibly fitting in an iPad, Netbook or Laptop if necessary for your job. It is also nice enough to be used on shopping trips in the city!

2. Keep jewellery minimal. I personally like to go for a slightly manly watch but Michael Kors is way out of budget for me sadly! (The watch pictured was a single item that I mistakenly used and cannot find anything else like it, so here  and here are the best alternative I could find. Apologies, this won't happen again!) I just feel smart and well-presented when I wear one and feel I am saying ‘I like to look presentable, but I’m not an airhead.’ If you’re going for a job in fashion retail, you have more scope for fashion-friendly pieces. By all means wear a chunky necklace if you want to, but be aware that you may come across as someone that’s overly confident.

3. You can’t beat plain courts as they are suitable for work and play! If you can’t wear heels at all, go for simple pumps. Kitten heels are fine, as are wedges, providing they aren’t too high or casual. Shoes you can easily walk in are key. You can inject colour into a neutral outfit with your shoes, if you feel confident enough to do so.

4. I think pencil skirts give off a very professional vibe. They are business appropriate and should flatter your shape whether you’re slim or curvy (use Spanx for added confidence if necessary). It is a timeless piece and you can wear it to work and business lunches, not just for the interview. The skirt comes in a variety of shades; you can go for the red pictured to add a pop of colour as this may help you stand out in the sea-of-black employers are likely to see; or, if you wish, stick to blacks and neutral colours.

Look magazine recently did a poll of what hairstyles employers favour in interviews and the overall winner was a sleek bun/pony tail as it shows you take pride in your appearance (and assumingly therefore your work too), but won’t be worrying about your hair all day in the job. So bear that in mind too! Nails should be clean and polish is fine; I tend to go for a nude shade or classic French manicure. 

I hope this was helpful for you and I’ve tried to make it very in-depth with explanations as to why I would pick certain things. I hope this wasn’t boring or too long winded. I was just trying to be through! Thanks for reading, if you did to the end! Let me know if you found this useful. Remember: be yourself and good luck!

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