Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bon Jour Moustache and Glasses!

Hello gorgeous!

So, today I fancied doing an outfit/face of the day post because I was wearing an outfit I thought some of you might find amusing, but likely as many of you will hate! Either way, I thought you might find it interesting as I would consider this to be slightly kooky British style.

Anyway, I am wearing a thin black long-sleeved top underneath the Bonjour one because there was a high wind here in North Wales today and I didn't want to catch a chill! I was able to wear the clear glasses as there wasn't much sun to speak of and I love geeky glasses because, let's face it, I'm a self-confessed nerd (I do also wear glasses for computer work, so I don't consider this an insult!). I teamed the tops with some black skinny jeans and some black pumps with bows on the front (not see in the photo, despite asking the other half to get them in). Black top is from New Look years ago so no idea how much it cost. The Bonjour top (the moustache on which always brightens my day) cost around £20 in River Island in February but it was in the sale recently, I think. The black jeans were from New Looks 'Generation' teen range, believe it or not. I got them in the winter sale for around £2. My black pumps are from Dorothy Perkins and they cost £20 or thereabouts. The glasses are from ASOS and cost roughly £12. Sorry, I'm rubbish at remember prices, especially as this outfit was purchased mostly in the winter months!

So, below is my Face of the Day. I used a Clinique quad I had free when I bought two other products for the eyeshadows. Essentially one is a light mushroom brown and the other is more of a true mushroom colour in the crease. Very subtle. I then have on Collection 2000 liquid liner in black as it is the only black eyeliner that doesn't smudge on my hooded eyes, high end or otherwise. An Illamasqua blush is on my cheeks, but the name is annoyingly rubbed off! It is a shocking fuschia pink shade, however. I toned it down for this look. Lips merely have a light layer of Benetint on them. I am also wearing my EsteƩ Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Shell. Hope you like! =)

Nicole x

As usual, all photographs are my own

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