Saturday, 25 June 2011

Jewellery Storage Ideas

Hello my pretties!

Today I thought I would share with you my jewellery storage, at least some of it, anyway. I have far too much jewellery and the photo's do not include a box which has my bracelet's and hair accessories in it. I cannot sadly display all of my jewellery easily as I live with my partner in his parents house so our bedroom is our living room, bedroom, etc. and so all of our stuff (he's a big games nerd so that takes up a TON of room) is crammed into one small room, which isn't ideal but until we can afford our own home, it will have to do for now. For this reason I have to try and think of clever ways to utilize space and store things in a manner which means they are easily accessible too.

So, in the photo's below you can see that I have hung up my most used necklaces on a series of hooks that I bought for around £4 in B&Q here in the UK (A DIY/Home Improvement store). Also, following moreemilk's YouTube video on earring storage, I have bought a small canvas from Dunelm Mill (UK store again, sorry!) which cost £1.79 at the moment with 20% off and pushed the earrings through the canvas. This means that I have my earrings and necklaces in one place, making it far easier to see what I have and get my wear out of jewellery, instead of wearing the same stuff as I forget what I have if I can't see it easily. Simple storage solutions really help you to see what you own and as well as making it easier to pair items, it also means that you can picture what you have at home in a more clear way, hopefully meaning that you can avoid purchasing items that are too similar to ones you already own. I hope this helps and gives you all some storage ideas!

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PS. See moreemilk's video on how to make the canvas earring holder here:

EDIT: It only just occurred to me to say that if you have noticed that there is only one earring in each style, you aren't going mad. I only put one earring on the board out of each pair I buy because I only have one ear pierced! The other earring got ripped out when I was younger and I let them heal up, but then re-pierced the ear which wasn't damaged when I was a 14 year old goth and have kept it that way ever since because I love earrings, but can't have both ears done! Hence why I don't wear gorgeous dangly earrings as I'd look like a pirate...I love pirates, but I don't think I could work that look convincingly!


  1. Me too Sarah! It looks pretty good, is practical and cost less than £2! Works for me.