Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pale is Interesting

Hello bloggers!

Today I thought I would do something a little different, in that I wanted to post about tanning, or in my case, not tanning. Now, I am not against fake tan by any means and I think girls with a healthy-looking glow are beautiful, aka Cameron Diaz. I think pale women are equally as beautiful however, such as Christina Hendricks! I AM against sunbeds and sunbathing for the basic reason that it is unhealthy and can lead to skin cancer, something which I have experience of dealing with. Whilst I haven't had it personally, my mother has and it isn't something to be sniffed at. I will however always defend a person's right to make their own choices as that's the beauty of living in a country where men and women can make that choice (as I know women aren't the only sex who are interested in tanning!).

Depending on your views I am blessed/cursed with pale skin. As someone whose skin is incredibly pale in school I was always made to feel like I looked sickly and ill and students would hold their arms next to mine in the summer and exclaim "God! Look how white you are! I'm lovely and brown to compare!". Now, this is wrong and rude, in my opinion. Yes, pale skin is an acquired taste for many but just as I would defend a person's right to tan, I think others should defend my choice not to, as well as my inability to! I am 26 now and it has taken me this long to fully embrace and not be embarrassed by how pale my skin is. I think in the modern age that's pretty stupid! Up until recently I would go to make up counters and ask them to match me for a foundation shade and I would get tuts from the assistants who would tell me my skin is "awfully pale" which is disrespectful in my book, just as telling them their skin is overly made-up or too tanned (which I would never do). However I have been to both the EsteƩ Lauder and Chanel counters recently and they told me to never tan and embrace my pale skin, which I thought was wonderful and we need more people like this in the industry.

I am so pale that tanning just looks ridiculous on me and it's obvious that it's fake and I'm not a fan of the fake look. I prefer to be comfortable with myself and I hope that others will follow suit. I have opened myself up to criticism here, but I would sooner do that and help one other young person who is feeling bad about how pale they are than not speak out at all. Remember, everyones skin is a different colour, even people of the same race. Never be ashamed of your skin colour, it makes you who you are. I would much rather people laugh at me as I'm so pale than laugh at me because I look too tanned as my hair is on the strawberry blonde side! If you are pale like me, I urge you to embrace it or please tan sensibly! I implore you not to use sunbeds or rely on over-exposure to the sun to colour your skin. There are some great fake tans out there, or so I've heard...although you will have to check someone else's blog for recommendations as I'm pale, interesting and happy with it. That's not to say I don't use a subtle bronzer here and there, as I do to sculpt my face and give me a little colour! You can be pale and embrace it, as well as having a healthy glow and I can show you how I do it, if anyone is interested. In the meantime, I hope you are all well and you enjoyed this different sort of post from me. I have included links at the end of the post to some You Tubers whose videos I love precisely because their skin is natural, pale, beautiful and they happily embrace their colour.

Nicole x

PS. The picture is of me at a friends party recently. Yes I am eating a slice of his delicious birthday cake. I love my food and I don't care who knows it!

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