Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thank you adoreabubbles! Best Blog Award

Sarah, writer of the great adoreabubbles blog - - has awarded me the title of Best Blog! YAY! Therefore I have been asked to pass this on to 15 blogs that I also like. Now, some of the people that I would nominate, such as Lauren Marie, has already been awarded this by Sarah, therefore in order to pass this award onto as many new people as possible, I have not mentioned these people here. It's not because I don't love your blogs ladies!

Rules upon receiving this award are to 1) answer the following questions 2) mention and link who passed you the award 3) share seven facts about yourself 4) Award 15 blogs.

Questions Whats your favourite colour?
Purple, most likely. I tend to favour that, although I love most colours, depending on my mood!
Whats your favourite song?
I honestly cannot answer that as my favourite song depends on my mood too!
What is your favourite dessert?
Cheesecake in any of it's incarnations...vanilla, banana, strawberry, pecan...any cheesecake more or less!
Whats pissing you off?
My university for not telling me my individual module marks. I want to know how well I did in each module and whilst I know I'm graduating with a 2:1, I don't actually know where on the spectrum I'm graduating as I don't know my overall average grade yet...I graduate in a week!
When you're upset you...
Become very quiet and withdrawn.
Black OR white?
Black clothes I tend to favour as they are more slimming than white...but for coffee it must be white for me!
Biggest fear?
Your best feature?
My eyes.
Everyday attitude....
At present I'm pretty highly-strung and running on empty as I'm exhausted after three years hard work but can't relax as everyone is getting at me about getting a job!! So stressed is the general mood of the day these days. Although generally speaking I'm very approachable and happy and try to treat each day as a new challenge.
What is perfection?
The one thing I have learnt in my 26 years is that there is perfection in all things, but nothing is perfect. That is to say, everyone has things that someone else would consider perfect, such as thinking your mate has perfect teeth, but that doesn't mean that person has no flaws other than their one and nothing is perfect. Deep for 8:35am!
Guilty pleasure...
Listening to The Lonely Island and thinking I'm hip because it's 'rap' music...albeit fake rap music. It makes me smile =)

Awarded by
I was awarded by adoreabubbles

Random Things about me

I studied history at university and want to go on to do a Phd so that I can lecture in history, alas I cannot afford it! It costs a LOT of money to do that sort of thing and sadly I have no income presently to fund it and I also don't come from a well-off family. So, shop work it will likely be instead in the current climate!

In my teens I was rebellious and a pain in the arse. I was a goth and had my nose pierced on my 16th birthday. I had it for about four years before I finally took it out. I loved it, but it's not me now. I had pitch black hair and went through black eyeliner at an alarming rate.

I contracted glandular fever at Download 2007! I was ridiculously ill after that and my voice has never been the same since.

I played violin for a long time and wanted to be a career violinist along with a dancer, as I did dance for a while.

I literally have no idea how to ever fill these things in! So I shall leave it there! Now on to awarding other blogs! These are in no particular order, by the way!

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8. Miss Drifted Techno Geek
9. Pretty Making
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11. The Beauty SpotLink12. The Girl With Many Eyes
13. Tildz
14. Aphrosie
15. Beauty By Kayla Shevonne


  1. Just letting you know I have given you a few blog awards.

  2. Thank you so much! I apologise that I have missed them, I have been so busy preparing for the end of my student life that I haven't been up to date with other people's blogs. I will be sure to take a look your blog today and I will be running a feature on my blog soon recommending other blogs that I love, so I will be sure to return the favour. Thanks again for your support, I am so grateful! =)