Sunday, 31 July 2011

Today I am lusting after...

Hey all!

Today I decided I wanted to blog as I've missed it but I didn't really have much to say as I've not bought any new products, my nails of the day are simple French tips and I haven't bought any new clothes that many people would write home about! So, I decided to start doing the odd post about outfits I love. Okay, so I might not have the figure for them as I hold all my weight on my stomach and have a 36FF bust, but a girl can dream!

I popped on over to ASOS and saw this gorgeous little ensemble and fell in love with it because it is pretty but without being over the top feminine and the muted colours of the shirt and shorts mean that you could add a pop of colour in the shoes, like they've done here, or in the form of a bright handbag. Would you ever wear something like this? I would, but the shorts would have to be longer as my crepey upper thighs (after losing 5 stone in three months around 5 years ago which ISN'T healthy) should never be exposed to the general public, or I would have to wear tights with it to disguise my problem area. Enjoy!

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