Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween's Alright by Me

SpOoOoOoOoky! I actually sported these nails last week, but no one saw them as I didn't leave the house as I had a horrid cold. However, I have uploaded them today as it's Hallowe'en! My rather dodgy version of Frankenstein is on my nails (I've seen this design on many blogs and YouTube videos and don't know who did it originally. Please feel free to link your Frankenstein nails below!) and the rest of the nails were meant to be rotten zombie-like flesh. Quick and easy! Also, my mother-in-law found the rotten flesh nails gross, but loved the little Frankenstein's. Hope you like them! I am sadly not doing anything tonight and I didn't dress up at all this year, however below is a picture of the make up I wore last Hallowe'en to my friends party. My boyfriend and I (whose make up I also did but he doesn't really want me putting pictures of him on my blog) went as a couple who had killed each other in a fit of passion after prom and come back as zombies...yes it was my idea as we could utilise clothing we already had! Ever an economical person. Anyway, HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!

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    cant wait for your next blog!