Friday, 24 August 2012

Cut Out and Keep

Blogger doesn't like ampersand's, otherwise the title would have one in it! This is not a sponsored blog post - I need to put that out there right away. This is merely a post discussing something which I wish to support and reviewing the products and service for the benefit of my readers. 

So, Gemma from Gemsmaquillage has recently set up a webshop called 'Cut Out and Keep' which sells jewellery. When I looked originally there were only about 4 or 5 products and a limited number of each. I get the impression Gemma started small to test the market with a view, if it was successful, to build it into a larger affair with a wider variety of products. Although this could be an incorrect assumption on my part. Time will tell (or Gemma will herself!).

I follow Gemma on Instagram (Facebook, YouTube, Bloglovin' - you name it, I probably follow her there! I'm not a stalker I swear, I just support people I admire!). She uploaded a picture of her wearing some pretty funky rings (the ones I have photographed above) and I decided to check out the link that she'd posted below the photo. Low and behold it was Gemma's e-shop. I ordered the rings and the necklace (a picture of which I have taken and inserted below) on the 17th of August, they were shipped the same day before last post (bearing in mind Gemma was moving the next day, I was thoroughly impressed with her speediness!). I delightfully received them the following morning and was able to wear them on my jaunt into town.

The products were wonderfully packaged in black tissue paper and a branded label. They arrived in perfect condition and included a dinky little business card which can be seen in the first photo. The rings cost £4.50, the necklace was £3.50 and postage within the UK was £1.80, I believe. The rings are adjustable so that will eradicate 'disappointed face' as they should fit anyone's fingers! They are a bright shiny gold and as a result they don't look quite as luxe as the more expensive Topshop versions (which it must be noted I didn't know existed until I was already wearing these), but I love them all the same! The necklace I adore and it's really chic looking; it reminds me of something House of Harlow would produce. It teamed up well with the Aztec print t-shirt I have. I would order from the shop again as prices are reasonable and shipping was super-fast! You can visit Gemma's shop here. What do you think of these pieces? Would you like to get your hands on some? Below is a picture of me sporting the necklace!

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  1. Looove the necklace!!!
    Hey I'm your newest follower now, and I hope you will follow me back, it would be great to keep in touch!

    Last time by Ylenia Labate